My ECO Barrel™

Climate LLC pioneered the Original soft-sided rainwater harvesting barrel: My ECO Barrel™ a 100% BPA-Free Product

• Best Warranty – 1 year Limited vs. 90-days or less for competing products
• Structurally superior to competing products:
* 0.022in. (.55mm) ClimaFabric™ a reinforced UV resistant PVC fabric with high
frequency welded seams vs. competing products at .0.010in. (.25mm) or
thinner and chemical bonded seams
• ClimaStruts™ one-piece uprights made with our proprietary formula for superior
strength and are UV resistant
• Near-360-degree double-sewn synthetic dual-way zipper and screened inlet in
the lid:
* Doesn’t require realignment to attach
* Can’t blow away
* Enables fast water can filling by dunking
• Inlet doubles as vent/overflow if the overflow is used as an inlet from a
rainwater harvesting pre-filter
• Separate 1/4-turn ball-valve drain, 1/4-turn spigot, and overflow assemblies
• Spigot is 10in. (254mm) high so watering cans fit without the need to place
barrel on a pedestal
• Screen cap filters on overflow, spigot and drain valve – prevent debris from
blocking flow and inhibiting insect or rodent entry into barrel
• 1/4-turn ball-valve drain is threaded & comes with quick-connect insert w/O-
ring-for quick connection hose
• ALL fittings come with dual rubber washers so no added sealant is necessary

Larger Capacity/Scale
• Engineered for structural integrity to achieve larger capacity
• 132 gallons (500L) vs. 50 gallons (189L) max from most competitors

Highly Portable
• Light-weight – 10lbs. (4.536kg.) shipping weight – not heavy or bulky like
• Foldable Design – Compresses easily for storage or transport
• Easy Assembly in minutes and needs no tools or pedestal
• All parts included and no tools necessary

Exceptionally durable
• Aforementioned 0.022in. (.55mm) thick ClimaFabric™
• Aforementioned ClimaStruts™ have superior strength and are UV resistant
• UV resistant and antibacterial which increases durability
• Synthetic zipper – no corrosion – double-sewn
• Corrosion resistant fittings

Easy Maintenance
• Clean with mild dish soap
• Dual-way zippered lid facilitates internal cleaning

As the ORIGINAL soft-sided rain barrel, My ECO Barrel™ has all the research and development behind it to continue to be the highest quality and best-selling product of its kind and all the imitators are missing one or more important elements.

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