HydroChain™ Stormwater Tanks

Stormwater underground tanks are used to capture and store stormwater runoff which is created as heavy or light rain that creates runoff, and it can also be created by the advent of snow melt. As water continues to accumulate and begins to flow over land or other surfaces and does not absorb into the ground.
Xerxes® tanks are manufactured exclusively in North America and meet and exceed NFPA 22 and 1142 Standards. Available in single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall designs that are constructed of 100% premium resin and fiberglass -NO FILLERS keeping them lightweight and extremely durable. We offer customizable to fit designs to meet your project design parameters.

Stormwater detention tanks are intended to remain empty, except during periods of rainfall and for a short time thereafter. Unlike normal rainwater tanks, the distinguishing feature of a stormwater detention tank is that it is specially fitted with a valve to slowly release water over time.

Stormwater collected in retention tanks will later be recycled for purposes like irrigating gardens or flushing toilets.

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