Climate, Inc Attends UrjanetSPARK 2017 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

UrjanetSPARK 2017 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia presented Climate, Inc with some growth opportunity both as a steel bolted tank manufacturer and as a 3P Technik Filtersysteme distributor. We had several of the leading Fortune 1000 companies present at this year’s event both as guest speakers and presenters within their fields of sustainability. The sustainability leaders of Urjanet, Buddy, Lucid, Cox Enterprises, Delta, Coca Cola, and many others which included staff and faculty of Georgia Tech which hosted on their campus shared individual and collaborative ideas on current and future goals for their respective organizations. Climate had a great opportunity to share some of our own past, current, and future designs and projects with many of these top performing company executives and leaders, in which we spoke in detail about steel bolted and glass-fusion steel tanks for fire suppression, liquid storage, and rainwater harvesting. Some of our more detailed conversations were spearheaded in educating many of these company leaders with ideas and project emphasis on rainwater harvesting uses (irrigation, airplane and vehicle washing, cooling towers, toilet flushing, etc.) and ideas of storm water filtration and release techniques that we offer across the globe to some of them already and many on current and proposed future projects. Climate, Inc looks forward to attending¬†UrjanetSPARK in 2018 and we hope to see you all there.
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