My ECO Barrel™

My ECO BarrelTM is manufactured from high quality PVC material which provides UV and corrosion resistance while remaining flexible in any outdoor environment. It has a polymer screened inlet in the lid which can also be used as a vent. Each model has an overflow, outlet spigot, and ball valve drain. The lid has a near 360-degree zipper allowing for easy cleaning, fast watering can filling, and simple opening and closing.

Ø UV-resistance and suitable for all climates
Ø Zipper lid for ease of filling the watering can by dunking
Ø Easily emptied and can be moved to a new location within minutes or stored when not in use
Ø Strut frame with individual sleeves for easy installation of the legs
Ø Good weld-ability on seamed PVC that is flexible making it weather resistant, light weight, and strong
Ø The outlet, overflow, and drain all have filter caps to prevent debris from blocking flow
Ø Spigot outlet is higher than 10 inches for water can filling
Ø Rainwater can enter directly from either a down-pipe or a rainwater filter

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