Tanks Ancillaries



Climate LLC supplies ladders, stairs, landings, and walkways (catwalk) to the exact specifications required for your tank battery. Whether it be a simple ladder to reach inspection hatches and fittings or a complex grid of walkways and landings that connect a battery of tanks together, we can supply the stairs and walkways for storage tanks that is best for your tank installation. Aboveground storage tanks (AST) are designed and engineered to meet the demanding needs of many industries providing a sensible and safe solution for the storage of liquid based products and bulk materials at processing plants, transportation facilities, industrial sites, military bases, and airports. Depending on the size and function of the tank, access to fill ports, pumps, vents, mixers, and access manways are required. Climate LLC provides standard packages and custom fabricated ladders, platforms, stairs, and walkways to provide safe convenient access to your tanks no matter the height or configuration.


  • Standard railing shall have of top rail, intermediate rail and posts.

  • Vertical height of 42 inches + 3 inches.

  • Intermediate rail approximately half way between top rail and floor.

  • Pipe rails should be 1.5 inches nominal with posts not more than 8 feet on center.

  • Standard toeboard ≥ 4 inches in vertical height from top edge to floor with ≤ 1⁄4-inch clearance from floor.

  • Top rail able to withstand 200 pound load applied in any direction.