Tanks Ancillaries



  • Landing platforms required for step distance greater than 12 inches from rung to nearest edge of structure
  • Landing platforms require standard railings and toeboards.
  • Platforms shall not be less ≥ 24 inches wide and ≥ 30 inches long.
  • Ladder extensions: side rails of through or sidestep ladder extensions shall extend 3.5 feet above landings.
  • Standard railing shall have of top rail, intermediate rail and posts.
  • Vertical height of 42 inches + 3 inches.

Intermediate rail approximately half way between top rail

and floor.

  • Pipe rails should be 1.5 inches nominal with posts not more than 8 feet on center.
  • Standard toeboard ≥ 4 inches in vertical height from top edge to floor with ≤ 1⁄4-inch clearance from floor.
  • Top rail able to withstand 200 pound load applied in any direction.