Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tanks



Our glass fused to fused sheets are guaranteed to a 100% zero discontinuity policy which means only defect free sheets are released to the marketplace. We offer a complete range of glass fused to steel coatings to satisfy a complete range of storage applications. Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, glass fused to steel can provide many years of trouble-free service in the harshest environments. TRIFUSION® is designed to produce an extremely strong chemical bond to the steel during the fusion process. This places the glass in compression and it remains in compression even when the steel bends and flexes. Our glass fused to steel coatings are designed to deliver strength and durability while the steel is in tension due to the contents load. Glass fused to steel coatings are both chemically fused to and physically combined with the steel substrate resulting in an unmatched, tough durable bond. TRIFUSION® has rightfully become the standard by which all other finishes are assessedThis proven high quality contact surface finish sets the benchmark for use in the more demanding areas of industrial effluent treatment and sludge digestion. An additional protective layer, together with zero discontinuity on every panel finish is tested at an exacting 1100 Volts, provides exceptional security and continuous protection. Glass is impermeable to liquids and vapors; it eliminates corrosion undercutting and offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance.


  • Application: pH 2-11
  • Type: 3 coat, 2 fire
  • Thickness: 280-460 microns
  • Test Regime: Zero discontinuities at 1100V
  • Exceeds quality requirements of EEA 7.20
  • Meets or exceeds the glass coating requirements of AWWA D103-09 – Section 12.4
  • Meets or exceeds quality requirements of EN ISO 28765:2011