Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tanks



Our PERMASTORE® tanks use a unique glass fused to steel coating process to produce an environmentally inert finish that has wide chemical resistance. Permastore tanks are manufactured under European Union (EN) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) Standard conforming steel plates. Manufactured to individual sizes, the plates are grit blasted to create a roughened imperfection free surface. They are chemically washed, and rust inhibited prior to the application of a chemical pre-coat to enhance glass to steel adhesion. Coated in silica glass the plates are fired to produce a mechanical and chemical bond between glass and steel. The result is a tank with enhanced quality levels and continuity of coating across all contact areas. Tank plates are sealed together using a lap joint configuration with a sealant that has excellent adhesion, flexibility and chemical resistance. Standard tank external colors are dark green and dark blue. Other colors are available on request. We have expertise in the supply of low-cost corrosion-free liquid storage tanks. ISOFUSION® tanks establishes a lower cost solution delivering security and protection through Permastore’s 100% inspection, high voltage (700 volts) zero discontinuity coating specification which is defect free at test voltage.


  • Application: pH 3-9
  • Type: 2 coat, 1 fire
  • Thickness: 200-360 microns
  • Test Regime: Zero discontinuities at 700V
  • Exceeds quality requirements of EEA 7.20
  • Meets or exceeds the glass coating requirements of AWWA D103-09 – Section 12.4
  • Meets or exceeds quality requirements of EN ISO 28765:2011