Glass Fused to Steel Bolted Tanks



The ECOFUSION® solution is established as the product of choice for the agricultural marketplace. This standard specifies the quality requirements for the ECOFUSION® process for glass coating by glass fused to steel of panels intended for use in the construction of tanks for uses such as storage of moist whole grain or a mixture consisting wholly or mainly of excreta produced by livestock of a consistency that allows it to be pumped or discharged by gravity at any stage in the handling process. The ECOFUSION® glass coating has been developed with reference to International Standard Specifications for glass coatings on bolted steel panels for the construction of agricultural tanks for the storage of animal slurry above ground on farms and conforms to EN ISO 28765. The testing shall have an accuracy of +/-1% using a test voltage of 9 volts.


  • Application: pH 4-9
  • Type: 2 coat, 1 fire
  • Thickness: 180-360 microns
  • Test Regime: 9V low voltage test using sampling procedure in accordance with ISO 2859-1
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of BS 7793-1
  • Exceeds quality requirements of EEA 7.24 & 7.25