Stormwater Chambers & Vaults

Stormwater Chambers & Vaults

The industry leading stormwater chambers and vaults throughout the world. The perfect solution for commercial, residential, and municipal projects that need the assurance of a multi-decade proven solution.


Stormwater chambers and vaults provide countless solutions for many development and redevelopment projects. The products that compose these system’s provide several benefits at sites where high land value or simply a lack of space make above-ground stormwater best management practices infeasible. Project owners and designers throughout the world have realized the benefits of our stormwater products and solutions.


Durability Of Material

􏰀 Characteristics of SOY BASED RESIN:

  • –  High strength
  • –  High modulus
  • –  Dimensional stability
  • –  Low shrinkage
  • –  Low moisture regain
  • –  Thermal stability
  • –  Chemical resistance

    􏰀 Thermal Resistance of SOY BASED RESIN:

    • –  HDT > 450 degrees F
    • –  Maintain excellent flexibility and strength at temps below freezing. 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –General of SOY BASED RESIN:
  • –  Water
  • –  Salts
  • –  Organic acids
  • –  Organic solvents
  • –  Dry cleaning solvents
  • –  Oxidizing agents
  • –  Reducing agents
  • –  Sulfuric acid (acid rain)
  • –  Gases and fuels (petroleum)

    􏰀 UV Resistance:

– SOY BASED RESIN can withstand 400 hrs in direct sunlight and will retain

greater than 90% of its strength. (two-six months aging in calendar time) 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –Acids:

– SOY BASED RESIN is highly resistant to most minerals and organic acids. 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –Inorganic Salts:

– Does not effect SOY BASED RESIN even after one full year of exposure. 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –Fertilizers:

– Effects of fertilizer on SOY BASED RESIN depends on the chemical composition and moisture content of the fertilizer but generally is not an issue in most applications.

􏰀 Creep Resistance :

  • –  SOY BASED RESIN can support a load over 50% of its breaking strength with

    minimal creep for an extended service life.

  • –  This excellent creep resistance assures that SOY BASED RESIN maintains

    acceptable strain levels under load for extended periods. 􏰀 Summary Conclusions:

    • –  SOY BASED RESIN is inert to a wide range of chemical classes encountered in soil.
    • –  SOY BASED RESIN is not affected by microorganisms in soil.
    • –  Is highly resistant to Sulfuric acid (acid rain), Gases and fuels (petroleum)