HydroChain™ 10000

HydroChain™ 10000

Semi central multi stage treatment train system comprised built of a primary stage sedimentation unit and a secondary train chemically active filtration unit. Specifically configured for robust treatment of contaminated runoff from trafficked areas and industrial sites. The cleaned water can be discharged directly into surface waters. The filter works by an up-flow process with low head loss. In the system the stormwater runoff is cleaned by sedimentation, adsorption, filtration, and chemical precipitation. Incoming stormwater is initially treated by removal of sediments alone. This is the first treatment stage. In the second chamber water must flow upwards, through the specialized filter media within the serviceable cartridge units. The clogging of the filters is reduced due to the upwards flow. The filter cartridges are easily exchanged. The system can be maintained and back flushed once a year. Flexible and optimal drainage layouts through modular units; the modular design can and should be adapted to site conditions.

The modular interior of the HydroChain™ 10,000:
• Three different filter cartridges for site specific conditions • Filter element traffic for ADT < 15000 veh/day
• Filter element heavy traffic for ADT > 15000 veh/day
• Filter element industry, adapted to site conditions

Tests and Certificates:
• Independent field test data available
• Tested according to NJDEP TSS testing procedure

Working principle:

The water has to pass an up-flow filter device comprising of numerous cartridges. Different filter media is available for different land use sites. Within the filter elements, the processes of filtration, adsorption and precipitation take place. The filter cartridges can be backwashed. The filter element can be exchanged by the chamber opening. The treated water passes via an oil baffle and leaves the system by the outlet.


Enhanced stormwater treatment:

• Treatment of polluted runoff from roads, car parks and industrial sites

• Underground solution, no additional space required

• Low head loss

• Easy inspection and maintenance

• Filter media in cartridges

• Cartridge exchange interval 3 to 5 years

• Connectable surface area 10,000 to 30,000 m2

• Independent laboratory and field test data available

Decentralized stormwater treatment is state of the art because it reduces the costs for urban drainage by using source control. The HydroChain™ 10,000 filtration unit has numerous advantages in comparison with other systems. The system combines a sediment trap with a large and scalable filter unit, it is easy to inspect and maintain. There is a very low head loss across the filter, inlet and outlet. Filter media is retained within the cartridges, there is no loose material in the system. Filter media has to be replaced in intervals between 3 and 5 years depending on the sites conditions. There is virtually no footprint because the system can be installed below car parks or roads. The filter media removes pollutants including PAH ́s, hydrocarbons and heavy metals. Furthermore, it binds phosphorous and ammonium from stormwater. The multi step treatment train separates solids and dissolved substances in two separate chambers. The system is ideal for car parks, roads, industrial areas. Therefore, there are three different types of filter cartridges for low traffic densities, high traffic densities and industrial estates. Highest pollutant levels in stormwater runoff can be reduced to acceptable loads for groundwater and surface waters discharges. The modular design allows the adaption to nearly every site condition.


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