HydroChain™ Stormwater Chambers, Vaults, & Tanks

HydroChain™ Stormwater Chambers & Vaults

The industry leading stormwater chambers and vaults throughout the world. The perfect solution for commercial, residential, and municipal projects that need the assurance of a multi-decade proven solution.


HydroChain™ corrosion-resistant composite tanks, chambers and vaults can form the foundation of the stormwater system. The structurally strong modular components are used for detention, retention and/or infiltration.

HydroChain™ Chambers:
Eco-friendly composite HydroChain® Chambers are installed surrounded by stone to maximize per-foot infiltration. You can configure the structurally strong chambers for pollutant capture and treatment, and receive 40% greater storage capacity than competitors’ products.

HydroChain™ Vaults:
The HydroChain™ Vault maximizes space and minimizes stone required for large-volume infiltration. Adding end caps, covers, close-offs and locks provides unlimited design flexibility, and creates a system with high-volume capacity per square foot. With the vault, you experience savings at every step, including a 70% reduction of stone backfill.

HydroChain™ Tank System:
Large-diameter fiberglass tanks or field-joined tank sections can be installed in any length or in any number (individually or manifolded) to meet project requirements. Your project benefits from the time-tested corrosion-resistance of fiberglass. The WEKO-SEAL® provides watertight joint seals for the field-joined Xerxes modular tanks.


Durability Of Material
􏰀 Characteristics of SOY BASED RESIN:

  • –  High strength
  • –  High modulus
  • –  Dimensional stability
  • –  Low shrinkage
  • –  Low moisture regain
  • –  Thermal stability
  • –  Chemical resistance 􏰀 Thermal Resistance of SOY BASED RESIN:
    • –  HDT > 450 degrees F
    • –  Maintain excellent flexibility and strength at temps below freezing. 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –General of SOY BASED RESIN:
  • –  Water
  • –  Salts
  • –  Organic acids
  • –  Organic solvents
  • –  Dry cleaning solvents
  • –  Oxidizing agents
  • –  Reducing agents
  • –  Sulfuric acid (acid rain)
  • –  Gases and fuels (petroleum) 􏰀 UV Resistance:

– SOY BASED RESIN can withstand 400 hrs in direct sunlight and will retain greater than 90% of its strength. (two-six months aging in calendar time) 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –Acids: – SOY BASED RESIN is highly resistant to most minerals and organic acids. 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –Inorganic Salts: – Does not effect SOY BASED RESIN even after one full year of exposure. 􏰀 Chemical Resistance –Fertilizers: – Effects of fertilizer on SOY BASED RESIN depends on the chemical composition and moisture content of the fertilizer but generally is not an issue in most applications. 􏰀 Creep Resistance :

  • –  SOY BASED RESIN can support a load over 50% of its breaking strength with minimal creep for an extended service life.
  • –  This excellent creep resistance assures that SOY BASED RESIN maintains acceptable strain levels under load for extended periods. 􏰀 Summary Conclusions:
    • –  SOY BASED RESIN is inert to a wide range of chemical classes encountered in soil.
    • –  SOY BASED RESIN is not affected by microorganisms in soil.
    • –  Is highly resistant to Sulfuric acid (acid rain), Gases and fuels (petroleum)