Volume Filters

3P Volume Filter VF7 (DN200 Special Set)


Due to the arrangement of the different screen surfaces, an optimum and maximum yield is achieved as a function of the volume flow to be cleaned. The sieves on the guide surfaces are cleaned by different volume flows independently. This principle of self-cleaning, combined with the different screen areas, ensures a minimal maintenance effort with a consistently high water yield. The height difference between inlet and outlet is 12.5 cm, despite the maximum surface area of 2433 m². In addition to the simpler scheduling, this also allows the storage volumes to be maximized.

Rainwater filter according to DIN 1989-2, type C


Connection capacity                                 2,433 m² roof area

Maximum flow rate of sieve insert           11 l / sec = 39.6 m³ / h

Rainwater intake                                       2 x DN 250

Rainwater storage                                    DN 200

Drainage system                                      DN 250

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