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3P Attenuation and Infiltration Filter XL DN 125 / DN 200

Rainwater filter for installation in rainwater tanks

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Easy rainwater filter with integrated dirt retention basket for installation into rainwater tanks.
The dirt basket made of plastics can be removed easily with the removal handle. The 3P Infiltration and Retention Filter XL is suitable for flushing the toilet, washing machine and for watering the garden and where the rainwater has to be infiltrated.

The cleaned water can be used for toilet flushing, washing machine and for garden watering.
The filter has to be cleaned depending on the contamination several times during the year.


The two upper adapters DN 125 / DN 200 can be used as inlets or also optionally as an emergency overflow.

The lower or lateral adapter is used as inlet to the rainwater tank. There you can also install a calmed inlet. Connections: DN 125 / DN 200 Connection capacity: for roof areas up to 387 m2 / 1347 m2

Material filter basket:
Stainless steel
Ø 410 x 275 mm
Mesh size: 0.55 mm
Diameter: 785 mm, Height: 815 mm