How Much Water Do You Save?

IMG_0710Climate Inc. is a Green Global Professional Design, Consulting and Construction Corporation which specializes in utilizing the natural resources of Rain Water Harvesting, at a commercial and residential level, throughout the United States and the Caribbean.  In 2013, our clients saved over 70 million gallons of potable water and in 2014, with dozens of additional clients, we saved them over 80 million gallons.  Our services include a cost-effective approach to the developing issues of water conservation and management through our innovative Rain Water Harvesting systems, designs, and installations.

Climate Inc. Rain Water Harvesting systems are well-designed and when maintained accordingly provide a significant amount of high quality natural rain water for both commercial and residential usage.  Our customer base ranges from the world’s largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot, Smithsonian Institute, mining and oil companies, municipalities, colleges and local schools, state and local parks and recreation departments, fire stations, storage facilities, plantations and farms, as well as private homeowners.