Climate, Inc. Partners with Home Depot To Bring New Rainwater Harvesting Technologies To Stores

Water is far more widely used than most people realize, and ongoing water availability for industry, commerce and agriculture is an increasing issue – so much so that the World Economic Forum ranks it alongside climate change in terms of impact and adds that water availability is a more immediate concern. It’s consistently been in its top five global risks in terms of impact for the last six years. Water quality also has huge overheads in industry and agriculture – big water bills are just the beginning.

Climate, Inc. has completed another rainwater harvesting system and commercial irrigation for our partners at the Home Depot in Florida and Texas. Pictured is the 3P Technik Filtersysteme VF1 filter, along with the other components in the new system: Calmed Inlet, Floating Extractor, and Siphon Overflow. Home Depot’s Climate, Inc. tank was manufactured to overcome the heavy wind loads in both markets, which has been engineered to withstand winds that exceed over 150 mph. Its tough galvanized coating on these steel bolted water tanks is leading the industry worldwide.

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