LiquiLevel FB Level Gauge

The FB Series liquid level indicator is a simple, reliable trouble- free float operated tank level gauge system which gives a clear visual indication of the storage tank contents. The standard FB series is designed for low pressure, atmospheric tank installations.

– Suitable for both storage tanks of up to 15 meters in tall.
– Easy and quick to assemble and install.
– Low maintenance
– No batteries or electrics required, unless switching of level controls and pumps are required.
– Large gauge board with graduations in meters or feet.
– Internal guide wire for float for optimum accuracy.
Operation of the FB series tank level indicator is by means of a stainless steel float which is fixed to a internal guide wire system within the tank. A braided wire is connected to a float which runs through a series of 90 degree pulley elbows installed at the top of the tank. The other end of the cord is connected to a level indicator which glides over a calibrated gauge board, positioned parallel to the tank. The float always accurately follows liquid level variations in a vertical direction. As such, the level indicator is in the ‘top position’ when ’empty’ and the ‘bottom position’ when the tank is full.

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