Sani Solar Sanitation

One, two, three | Keep it simple
The SANI SOLAR sanitation system can easily being transported, installed and used. There is no need for special knowledge. It’s a plug & play solution. Only two persons are required to complete installation within three hours. There is no need for connections to sewer or fresh water.
Energy self-sufficient | Waterless
The technology does not require power connection, solar panels or batteries. It is energy self-sufficient and makes use of the Sun and natural climatic conditions for the drying process. No precious water is needed for operation.
Robust | Durable
Specifically designed and produced for semi-arid and arid climate regions, SANI SOLAR can be used over decades under those conditions. The material is UV-stabilized, dirt-repellent and ideal for sanitation facilities.
No maintenance | No excipients
The working principle of SANI SOLAR has the advantage that there is no need for water, chemical, or other excipients. There are no wear parts and the system needs no maintenance.

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