Eco-Save Pavers

Permeable climate pavement
• Infiltration and treatment of polluted runoff from car parks and roads
• High evaporation rate > 50 %
• Highest possible groundwater protection
• Easy inspection and maintenance
• Permanent Infiltration rate > 200 mm/h
• No gullys or additional drainage parts necessary
• System works close to the natural water cycle
• Cooling function by high evaporation rate
• With DIBt approval
Decentralized stormwater treatment and infiltration is state of the art because it reduces the costs
for urban drainage by using source control. With ECOSAVE protect the pioneers of permeable paving stone offer a comprehensive range of environmentally responsible solutions. After 30 years of intensive research and development in the field of ecological surface coverings, there are now field-tested products available for almost every construction project: Permeable paving systems with groundwater protection, which are economic and offer the security of a general technical approval, are regenerable and have numerous variants for an appropriate, tailored appearance.

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