Floating Extractor YouTube Video

Hello Everyone, We posted a new video detailing our Floating Extractor and explaining its purpose. Please watch the below video to know why we use Floating Extractors at Climate Inc. and please subscribe to our[...]

How To Subscribe to Our New YouTube Channel

Hello Everyone, Climate Inc. has recently launched a new YouTube Channel and we would like you to show you how to subscribe to the channel to be kept up-to-date on our newest videos. Please follow[...]

Climate Inc’s New YouTube Channel

Hello Everyone, Today, I would like to announce the launch of Climate Inc’s new YouTube Channel. Please check out our out first video about Calmed Inlets below. Climate Inc will be adding new videos in the future about[...]

10 Uses of Rainwater

Collecting your own rainwater is an excellent way to conserve this precious resource. A basic rainwater collection system catches rainwater from your roof or other surface and channels it into a container for storage. Rainwater[...]